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GPS Route Precision: 10km 25km 50km
We lost GPS data between Cairns and Cape York.

Total Distance Sailed: 11513 km

West Coast
Carnarvon to Rockingham
06/08/2009 to 17/11/2009
Distance: 1372km
Captain: Matt
Shark Bay - Part 3
Carnarvon to Carnarvon
27/07/2009 to 06/08/2009
Distance: 252km
Captains: Ash and Matt
Shark Bay - Part 2
Monkey Mia to Carnarvon
26/01/2009 to 10/02/2009
Distance: 875km
Captain: Ash
Shark Bay - Part 1
Carnarvon to Monkey Mia
16/01/2009 to 26/01/2009
Distance: 544km
Captain: Ash
The Pilbara
Broome to Carnarvon
28/11/2008 to 16/01/2009
Distance: 2026km
Captain: Ash
The Kimberly
Darwin to Broome
03/11/2008 to 23/11/2008
Distance: 1797km
Captain: Ash
The Top End
Cairns to Darwin
08/08/2008 to 28/09/2008
Distance: 2339km
Captains: Ash and Matt
The Coral Coast
Airlie Beach to Cairns
25/06/2008 to 04/08/2008
Distance: 660km
Captain: Matt
Around The Whitsundays
Airlie Beach to Airlie Beach
03/06/2008 to 25/06/2008
No GPS data for this segment.
Captain: Matt
Around The Whitsundays
Airlie Beach to Airlie Beach
09/05/2008 to 02/06/2008
Distance: 219km
Captains: Ash and Matt
To The Whitsundays
Rosslyn Bay to Airlie Beach
30/04/2008 to 09/05/2008
Distance: 461km
Captains: Ash and Matt
Southern Barrier Reef
Lady Musgrave Island to Rosslyn Bay
08/04/2008 to 30/04/2008
Distance: 345km
Captain: Matt
The Reef Begins
Urangen to Lady Musgrave Island
20/03/2008 to 03/04/2008
Distance: 295km
Captains: Ash and Matt
Sandy Straights
Tin Can Bay to Urangen
08/03/2008 to 20/03/2008
Distance: 89km
Captain: Matt

Ashley's Distance Sailed: 9047 km
Matt's Distance Sailed: 6271 km