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25/07/2005 10:54   Rear Wheel Bearings - More   [Wheels, Brakes And Suspension]

So I've finally found some info on the rear wheel hubs. I'll have to confirm a few things but it is looking like a big job.

Type2's Writeup for a '71 Bus. These guys have heaps of awesome stuff, check it: I don't know if the '71 is going to be the same as the '76 so I'll ask around on the forums and get back.

Mick's Motors supply VW parts and their website had a list of bearing parts. That just gives us an idea of the bits we'll need. I could be very wrong here but I'm expecting two sets of bearings and two grease seals.

And now I've posted on AussieVeeDubbers to see if I can get any more advice on the bearing replacement procedure.

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