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26/05/2005 20:00   Wheel Bearings   [Wheels, Brakes And Suspension]

By now I've spoken to everyone in Canberra about this, but not the rest of the world. last weekend I drove the kombi van 2000 miles to Byron Bay and back. If you've read the prior entries here then you will know that a week before this trip, upon our return from Melbourne, we ran over a traffic cone and bent the passenger side tie rod in the front suspension/steering.

This was easy to fix. The tie rod was removed and using a sledge hammer I beat it into a straight rod again. When I fitted it again the alignment was still perfect and there were no more hassles.

Except for that damn wheel bearing. We found a new outer bearing from Autopro for just $5.90. You beauty! Generic parts are just the pooh. So I asked around for some advice on packing wheel bearings and came across a general concensus: "you'll be right bloke, jam some grease in there and do em up tight."

So that's what we did and I'm afraid to say that it didn't get me much past Goulburn! And that's only 100km. So after many strokes of good (nay, excellent!) fortune I ended up replacing both front wheel bearings while stopped in Newcastle, and continued the drive to Byron unimpeded. These bearings are now running sweet, although two front ball joints have cracked their seals and are knocking a little. I'll be looking into replacing these in the near future.

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