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28/04/2005 15:24   More Seatbelts   [Interior]

This afternoon Nick, Tim and I ducked down to Queanbeyan to hunt for some seat belts. We've been putting this off for at least three months now, mainly due to cost concerns! I got quoted $100 for a lap belt from Autopro, and even then I don't think I was asking for longer belts that would be suitable for a van's rear seat.

But, a quick trip to "Queanbeyan Auto" has set us right up! We found a three point and a lap belt out of an old van that are in OK nick and only set us back $20 for the pair! Bargain. To find a third belt we had to go to "Jap Parts" and pay a further $15 for the one lap belt... grrrr...

We decided to fit a three point on the far side, a lap belt in the middle, and a lap belt on the side closest to the door. This is due to concerns that a three-point harness will just piss us off and get in the way all the time.

So that solves the problem posed earlier in the week - do we register for 5 and upgrade to 8 later? NO WAY! We're ready to roll with 8 baby, ooooohhhh yeah!

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