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29/03/2005 08:36   System Failure   [Website]

There are many good reasons why windows blows as a webserver. There are also many good reasons why desktops shouldn't be used to run server critical services.

So, that's why the webserver has been down for most of Easter. I do apologise, especially if you were home with the family, trying to justify some uni result with: "Well check out my awesome Kombi van" and upon heading to the website being left with cold egg dribbling down your face... hmmm, yummy.

It's back up and running and I plan to upgrade Apache and tweak it's recovery options to keep the system alive in future.

Update: I just got overly excited and have upgraded everything: MySQL and PHP as well. I know this should be common practice for all sysadmins, but then I'm not a sysadmin and don't relish the thought of my system crumbling about my ears due to a configuration mishap or a little documented compatability problem... Anyways, it's all good and we're running quite sweet for now.

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