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03/03/2005 14:49   Working Bee   [General]

Top stuff Nick!

I'm outie for tonight I'm afraid, although I have had a fabulous day dismantling the HV supply for the probe and oozing the insulating oil all over my body (thankfully it's not the old school carcinogenic type).

Tomorrow is looking a lot better, although I can't get away until the afternoon.

Probably the crucial point to arrange is the trip to Fyshwick to purchase the following items:

  • Suspension bush sleeves.
  • White paint for bullbar.
  • 14mm Drill Bit
  • Silver/Chrome paint for wheels.
  • Seat bolts and clamps.
  • Perspex side window (requires measure first!).
  • Smaller dimension rubber channel for between perspex and glass in side window (take current seal and compare).
  • Push buttons for dash (start and wiper washers...).

There are probably even more items to get and this will require a complete afternoon and even then things will be forgotten.

But I'll put this into an email tonight once I've reassembled the probe and wiped the oil from my glistening bits...

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