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05/01/2005 12:00   Sexy Wheels   [Wheels, Brakes And Suspension]

Martin paid a visit with some rather cool mag wheels today. Big 16-inchers, plenty wide and even with Michelin tyres on them. Not to mention the very pimp Mercedes-Benz star in the centre, in keeping with the German theme...

A quick trial fit showed that the stud pattern was correct, the offset looks about right, and there appear to be no clearance issues, despite their large diameter and width.

The bad news is that the existing studs on the kombi hubs are a bit too wide for the holes in the Mercedes wheels. Here we are presented with a few options:

1) Find thinner studs
2) Replace the studs with a threaded insert in the hub, then use bolts thru the wheel into these. Apparently some VWs of the era had this arrangement, so maybe our friends at the Beetle Exchange can help us out.
3) Widen the holes in the Mercedes wheels. They only need a small amount of material removed, but one has to be carefull drilling alloy wheels, as it is easy to crack the metal. Any wheel shop would be able to do this for us, not a job for a handheld drill in the garden methinks.
4) Hit everything with a big hammer till it fits.

Of course, none of this is an urgent issue, as we have twice as many steel kombi wheels and tyres as we need to pass the rego check.

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