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17/11/2004 13:34   The Collective Noun For Kombis?   [General]

Alyson, great to hear from you and thanks for the post! Could your english class come up with a creative collective noun for a group of Kombis? I certainly can't think of a good one right now, although a "Menge of Kombis" springs to mind.

This van sounds pretty exciting; the interior certainly seems quite straight. My advice on body rust? Do what has to be done to keep it on the road and keep it safe, but don't take on too much. The complete removal and repair of rust is a huge undertaking (remember we balked at the prospect and went and bought another body) and needs to be carefully considered, especially since maintaining structural integrity is important. But, the rust may not be that bad, I'll have to see some photos first.

I look forward to seeing some photos and hearing more about it, of course any of us would be more than happy to offer advice, or to even swing by for some active assistance.



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