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12/11/2004 12:00   Racing Stripes   [Body]

What better than to head home on a Friday arvo and hit up the Kombi with a bit of action?

Tim and Paul joined me for this momentous occaison: spray painting the racing stripes. My advice to anyone doing some fancy painting like this? Use the proper tape for sharp edges (ours came out beautifully) and mask of your surrounding areas, then mask them again and finally mask a third time!

When I did the masking for the stripes I didn't realise quite how obnoxiously persistant the paint can be, especially when you're talking about the hot colour we've used on white. You can see in the photos that the overspray could have killed us, I certainly didn't want to have to feather the sharp edges all back and spray again, then mask again, then spray again

Luckily we had plenty of white on, so I carefully sanded out the blue overspray. It looks really good now, but at the time, we were

The edge left by the tape (remember to peel it off flat and at a 45 degree angle) is razor sharp with a slight burr. I sanded this back with a very light 800 grit paper and it looks good, ecept for a few bits were I've gone to far into the colour with the sanding and it looks a little flat. I'm hoping that those blemishes will buff out with the polish.

So check out the pics and see what you think.

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