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12/11/2004 23:38   A Shed-load Of Junk   [General]

Some of the crap I have liberated from my piles of junk thus far:
- 2 seatbelts, with more to follow if I can face the big scary spiders that seem to have annexed most of my old Gemini, the dirty freeloading arachnid bastards.
- a "fully sik" 4channel amplifier, with two similarly sik 6"x9" speakers
- The cheapest, crappiest 12" subwoofer ever manufactured. I guarantee that it will not handle its claimed 100W (!) rated capacity, but it looks cool, and will give our kombi street cred among the sort of people who also believe that a fibreglass bodykit bolted onto their mum's hatchback, along with a few name-brand decals, turns their Excel into something more potent than an economical grocery-getter...
- Four slightly less impressive 6"twin-cone speakers, Ford OEM from the early '90s
- a set of Hella driving lights, circa 1975, never been used
- Another bottle of rust converter, probably leftover from the aforementioned Gemini
- A fine publication from HP Books, How to Hotrod Your VW Engine (the sequel, How to break a 30 year-old engine really quickly writes itself...)
- Quite a number of aerosols of zinc primers, matt black and various other goodies that the kombi seems to have such an appetite for...

Photos of all this pooh will definitely follow later.

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