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12/11/2004 23:32   Racing Stripes   [Body]

I think the world should be made aware that the kombi now sports a female dogin' set of racing stripes. Where are the photos? Somebody should make Paul get out of bed while there is still enough afternoon light to get a photograph. Perhaps somebody could bribe the guy with a bit of KFC?

(I say "bribe" - nobody actually has to _get_ any KFC, just entice the man over to the worksite with the camera...)

I for one have retired to the ancestral home in Orange, to get anything that looks like it may be of use from the teetering piles of mouldering automotive jetsam that I collected during my misspent youth. I'm sure Mum will be stoked that her number one son has started to remove some of his crap from the garage. I too am stoked, as I've been arguing for years that all that crap would have a use some day, and now my vindication is at hand!

Also I have the opportunity to clean out the fridge in the absence of said maternal antecedent. I have provided this service at no extra charge...

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