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12/11/2004 12:27   The Fat Report   [Extras]

Well it's time to lavish some Fat on this site.

By the way Timmea, who's the dumb damn - you are still logging on as a guest, you obviously didn't learn much in INFS1001 (or are you still doing that one for the eighth time)!

Even though it's late coming, I'll give you The Fat report from last weekend. Seeing the Kombi for the first time in the flesh, I was surprised at how well things have progressed. The Kombi is looking pooh hot, you guys are to be commended at how much work you have done in such a short time. So The Fat decided to chuck in the shirt and tie, and roll up the sleeves and do some real work (the following photo's being proof that I actually did some work - contrary to popular belief).

As you can see all the fun jobs had been saved for the arrival of The Fat. Job No.1 was cleaning up, patching and then deadening the underbody. This was an exceptionally fun job, lying on my back being covered with years of rust and plenty of deadener (which by the way I’ve still got all over me a week later!). This process was continued in the engine bay, which was also a tight spot to get into. Job No.2 was assisting Marty on motor clean-up. This involved 3 cans of degreaser and a lot of elbow grease, with the most useful piece of equipment being one of Ash’s old pooh infested toilet brushes. The engine cleaned up beautifully and with a bit of paint work on the tin looked almost like new. Other Fat Jobs were bumper restoration, providing pure muscle in moving the motor to the other Kombi and just generally looking pretty! Drinking beer was another high priority of mine, which made the day complete.

Aside of all the pooh that I am rambling on here with, it was great to get back down to Canberra and see all of you boys. Thanks for putting me up for the weekend Ash, you are the ultimate host and to Nick for having the gayest and skimpiest looking work clothes. Am looking forward to the maiden voyage up to Sydney in just over a week, it’s going to be one awesome weekend boys! And to all of you others out there reading this now you know who Fat is – go on, just try and be Fatter than me!!!

Fat Out!

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