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09/11/2004 14:51   More Painting   [Body]

We are nearing the end of the painting and the excitement is growing! I've only been spray painting for about 5 weeks now so I'd hardly consider myself to be an expert. However, I would recommend to anyone who wants to do this themselves: doit, doit, doit!

It wasn't that hard in the end, although I did find that I'd get more runs when I stopped thinking about what I was doing and instead started dreaming about driving around in the Kombi cruising for chicks... So apart from staying focused while spraying consider these points.

  • If you have never done this before then buy a book. I picked up mine for $20 and it was money extremely well spent. I read it cover to cover, and then after a few days of gestation I read it again. This ensured that while working on the job I didn't have to keep referring to it, it was all tucked away upstairs.
  • Seek advice but be wary. I was worried that a lot of the "pros" would laugh at me when I mentioned what I was doing. In the end some did and some didn't. Just hold your head high and don't take yourself too seriously, I know I rarely do I had mates and people I know suggest one thing and others another. There's also plenty of conflicting advice on the web as well, so certainly don't trust anything I've written either. The book was the key and I've followed it to the letter (well, almost) and I'm quite happy with the result.
  • Budget for more paint that you think you'll need. We certainly did get all the priming done with 4L but having an extra litre on hand made for a better finish. One useful tidbit that I was told was that the final cut and polish can easily take off your last coat of paint. I was told to put 6 coats of colour on, and that's what we've done.
  • Don't bother with clear. We are a little uncertain about some little aspects of our finish and so if anything needs respraying at a later date or if there are chips (front of vans are awful for this) or scratches then they can be very easily repaired.
  • Check the weather and plan accordingly. It wasn't until I realised we had started painting right at the end of a drought that I got fed up with it raining every day. Naturally if you've a garage then this isn't a problem.
  • Watch out for thinners. I'm spraying outside with a mask on but I still end up vague and headachy after a session on the gun.

There's plenty of info out there guys so get reading and talk to everyone you can. I tell everyone I meet what I'm doing on this Kombi and apart from annoying everyone with my constant banter I've picked up advice and help from almost everyone I've spoken too.

I look forward to posting some photos of the finished paint job as soon as this weekend!

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