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25/10/2004 12:04   Said T800 To John Connor   [Website]

I'll be back, you silly female dog Kelly. The way I figure it, even though you've got pooh dribbling out of your mouth constantly (which brings into question the truth behind your tales of regular bowel movements, I mean how can one man have so much excrement flowing from every orifice in his body), you're going to be out partying long before I finish my exams. So while you're going to be passed out in the alley behind Mooseheads, nursing a fractured skull and an empty case of red and stones, I'm going to be frantically adding MK-esque style posts, filling the board with so much random junk, that Stretch won't be able to delete it fast enough.

But as for now, I shall bide my time, listen to some Rolling Stones, singing, "Tiiiiimmmme, is on my side, yes it is."

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