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20/10/2004 15:41   Items To Purchase   [Finances]

This is a list of all things I can think of that we still need to purchase. They are not in any order and the costs are *all* very approximate.

Sun Roof$50[$50 - 28/10/2004]
3 Rear Windows$150[$60 - 28/10/2004]
Seals for Rear Windows$50
Seals for Windscreen$50
LEDs and Perspex for Indicators$80[Cancelled]
Rear Light Module Lens$30
Engine Fluids$30
Rubber Dust Boots for Brake Calipers$??[Cancelled]
Rubber CV Boots$40
Front Doors$100[$140 - 28/10/2004]
Paint For Racing Stripes$20[Cancelled For Now]
Middle Bench Seat$60
Seat Belts$??

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