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11/10/2004 21:11   Dashboard Restoration   [Interior]

In the continuing quest to prep the whole van for a respray we had to take out the dashboard. The dash in any modern car tends to be one huge plastic moulding, held in place by dozens of little plastic clips which always break or get lost. The dash on our '76 kombi is almost completely devoid of any plastic, except for a thin band of vinyl which was no doubt the height of chic back in 1976. The rest of the dash is made of thin sheet metal, held in place by metal screws and metal clips which tend to bend or get lost. As usual, photos will accompany this description when I get around to it. Am I the only person in 2004 not to have a digital camera?

As well as the dash from the white rustbucket we also managed to get 2 dashs with our blue wreck. It seems we have enough bits to make one pretty dashboard, except for the vinyl strip which we'll have to dodgy up a bit.

The plan is to sand the metal parts back, then to prime them and paint it all matte black, so that we don't get annoying reflections while driving. The rear surfaces will have thick "deadener" compound brushed on. The noise level in the finished van is a bit of a worry - I fear that a tin box, powered by an old aircooled engine might be a bit noisy when we are travelling down the highways. So we are trying to minimise rattles, echoes and resonance at every step. It would be cool if we could get the van quieter than it was when new. Fortunately our plans for a pimp interior are compatible with this: the thicker the plush purple carpet, the quieter it will be...

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