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11/10/2004 13:18   Trez's Weekend Workout.   [Body]

Just to keep a bit of written proof that I do at some stages spend some time working on the Kombi, Stretch wants me to post up my working over the weekend. So,

Friday - Met Nick and Mike in the morning to pull off the doors of the spray painted Body. With the use of three toolkits and a crapload of elbow grease (both that caused from hard yakka and that from the goo on the doors) we ripped those bad boys off, much like the way I rip the flesh from a bone of some of the Colonel's finest. We pulled the front windscreen out of bluey, then I think I started to wire brush the glue and crap off the interior, a slow and painful affair.

Saturday - Rocked up at Stretch's in the AM, I think. Spent most of the time finishing getting the crap off the interior roof. It was a female dog of a job, just having my arms above the head and moving the wire brush back and forth. Although, I did feel pretty buff by the time I was done. Check out my arms, they're huge, or maybe it's just all the steroids I've been injecting directly into my arse. After labouring away for a while Ash and I hit Bunnings to get a belt-sander to reduce the amount of sand papering we had to do. We eventually settled on a 30 day, satisfaction money back guarantee model, which while it does the job well, isn't satisfying me completely just yet, so it may have to be returned

Sunday - Back to work for all of Sunday afternoon, pretty chuffed about having to miss the Great Race in Bathurst, but duty called. Mostly prepping the front end today, wirebrushing rust then smoothing it all out. Dedcided to ask the heavens how my work would affect the spirits (see photo). Finally quitting when the going got tough.

So there you have it, I'm more than just a pretty face, not much more, but still...

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