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11/10/2004 12:30   Financial Reports For September 2004   [Finances]

Ok, so it's halfway through October, and I'm only just posting about September's expenses, but it's no reason to investigate me for defrauding the HPH Kombi project. I swear, it's legit. So onto the Shizzle.

We've had quite an expensive month, when compared to August (without counting the initial purchase costs of the van), but I'm assured by the Foreman that it will probably be by far the most expensive period. Next major purchase is the paint, which hopefully shouldn't amount to much more than $150. After that it's bits and pieces for the interior, which we may be able to keep costs down on by "liberating" some equipment from the University and surrounding areas (Fight the power!). Other forseeable costs (as far as I know) include window sealers, possible new doors from the wreckers, persplex for windows and maybe stereo equipment.

So the total cost for September came to (a surprisingly even) $517.00 (bringing the project cost to $1181.09). The main culprits in jacking up this price were the new Kombi Body and the costs incurred getting it to headquarters, a buttload of crap from Supercheap Auto and an Air gun, for the spray painting, which may well take place next weekend.

As for Equity (mate!!!), Ashley is getting very close to hitting the quadruple figures, having sunk in $860 of his hard earned (pffft) cash. Next is me (wooo!) with $190 into this investment plan, then Nick is on, roughly, $131. Still yet to make an appearance in the bean counting books, is our friend and secretary Michael Ian Kelly. Now not to say that we can't be trusted to flee to Mexico when we have to even costs out, but we're all in for about $300 (well, that much a week and a half ago), and to have to shell out several hundred bucks in one go, can hurt the hip pocket. Can I suggest a payment plan or something, sinking a minute amount in each week just to make that final payment all the much easier. But damn, don't listen to me, I'm the treasurer for the project, not your personal financial advisor, and I know everyone has different monetary situations. I just feel bad that there is a lot of cash that has been sunk right now, and it's mostly Ash's, and it's better if he doesn't have an excuse as to why he won't buy us beer.

I think that just about raps the second financial report up. Any problems with figures or crap, I don't care, because I embezzled that cash fair and square.
Peace out, yo.

Trez (from now on this is my new call name)

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