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25/09/2004 12:35   A Guide To Weightlifting: Snatch, Clean And Jerks   [General]

What a fun filled Saturday. After dragging myself out of bed several hours earlier than normal, Nick and Grapes were only 40 minutes late picking me up, to head out to Fyshwick to collect our second Kombi in as many months.

The covert radio messages on the drive ultimately ended in a rather surprised taxi driver, as the grapiest arse among us was hung out a window along Parkes Way. The new body looked good, didn't appear to be any major rust (as expert as I am), and a single colour rather than the mix-and-match panels on "Ol' Whiltey". The only thing was that there was pooh all through it. Not the kind of pooh that you would find on Mike's face, more like broken glass, random screws, disconnected dashboards and about $0.35 in shrapnel. I escaped with Ashley to collect the trailer from the servo, hoping to return just as the last garbage bag was tied. But the slackers didn't live up to their part... so we all got stuck in and loaded it up, I took a nice video [3.9 MB XviD] of MK on the winch as we all stood around like horny voyeurs.

Onlookers were scratching their heads as we pulled through the wash bay in the Sigma, with the Kombi in tow. I was all intent on staying clean at the carwash, but it came to a grinding halt about 30 seconds after we hit the bay, when Prick West sprayed the nozzle in the headlight hole, which splashed all the dirt and grime into the face of yours truly. Probably for the best though, because with four hard-working boys we only chewed up $12 of coinage, to have the van in sparkling condition.

After dropping off the Kombi in the already devalued Noala Place, and a quick hickey opportunity, we were off to my Commander, the Colonel.

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