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24/09/2004 12:00   Swapping Wheel Bearings   [Wheels, Brakes and Suspension]

With the prospect of moving the blue Kombi by trailer back to Aranda there are a few technical obsticles ahead of us. The blue Kombi has no wheel bearings in place, but that's no big deal, the white Kombi has plenty to go round.

So I took the day off work and Nick joined me while we removed the front and rear wheel bearings. It wasn't as difficult as we feared and I'd like to make note of the following points:

  • The front bearings dismantled very easily and we took a photo showing the packing order. When we put them back together on the blue Kombi we added some fresh grease. We realise that you are not meant to mix greases, these bearings will require a future dismantle, degrease and repack with fresh grease.
  • The major bolts attaching the rear bearings/drums to the suspension swing arm are 22mm monsters and we had a rough time getting some of them off. However, plenty of WD-40 and some leverage got them turning.
  • Removing the rear tortion bar on the drivers side means that after reassembly the vehicle may not sit flat in the rear. We will have to adjust this carefully once the engine is fitted and we can check it all for balance.
  • That took about three hours, at which point we loaded up the car and cruised down to the wreckers to fit our parts to the blue Kombi. This was all very easy except for a moment when we couldn't align the bolts holding the rear passenger side bearing to the swing arm.

    Once we fitted the bearings it was time to jack the body up and fit the wheels. Well, it kind of went OK, except for one moment when we almost killed Mike by crushing him between our Kombi and the one next to it. He was saved by the Kombi's body nose diving into the ground, halting its sideways movement. After a quick change of underwear we were back in action!

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