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19/09/2004 12:00   Removed The Dashboard   [Body]

Today I removed the dashboard and the front headlights and indicators. It was pretty messy working inside on the dash and a little cramped. Once I removed the vent linkages and the speedo cable there only remained three groups of wires still attached.

One went to the light control knob (I think), another group went the speedo/warning panel and the other to a control on the far right (fan,vent??).

I took photos but it was impossible to record the details of the light control knob wiring so I just cut it off. This is a good thing as there will be no doubt as to how it should be wired up.

You can see the extensive rust that was behind the dash, massive flakes of it are coming away from around the vent and under the windscreen. The windscreen will have to be removed. This shouldn't be too hard, although it may be difficult to get back in and we may have to see a professional about it.

I'm getting into the swing of things and should be grinding, sanding, bogging and priming most of the smaller areas over the next week.

We will still need to get a welder to work on the larger sections.

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