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04/09/2004 12:00   Body Work Investigation   [Body]

Today I launched a major investigation into the processes involved with body repair. I bought a book; Gregory's "Spray Painting" by Donald Wait. It includes everything we need to know to do this job properly and I'll be reading it cover to cover over the next few days. If anyone else would like to read it (and I hope you do) then please let me know and I'll share it around.

So I went to SuperCheap Auto to get some costings on the items we will need for the body work. My rundown is as follows:

Homemade Acid Metal WashUsed for removing rust and prepping the surface.$50 for the Acid
Septone PrepwashMix of alcohols to remove surface oil and grease. Used immediately after the acid wash to clean up the work area. I am pretty confident we can use (much cheaper) Mineral Turps instead.$11 for 1L
Septone Primer Etch/Filler/Surfacer (Spray Can)Used immediately after the PrepWash. The different primer would be used depending on the surface condition. The etcher eats into the surface slightly giving good adhesion. The filler is designed to go on thick and fill minor surface scratches. And the surfacer is a general flat smooth primer.All primers $12 for a 400g Can
Septone Acrylic Primer SurfacerFor priming large areas this paint comes in a can and will need to be sprayed on using the spray equipment after dilution of 1:1.5.$23 for 1L
Body Filler (Bog)Comes in various size cans, this one was the biggest. It can fill large areas but it is recommended that holes should be filled using a (more expensive) fiberglass filler.$24 for 2.5kg
TurpsFor general use.$7 for 4L
KeroFor general use.$7 for 4L
White Acryllic PaintA generic brand white paint. Should be thinned with thinner at a ratio of 1:1.5. I do not know the expected coverage yet.$70 for 4L
Super Works ThinnerGeneric brand paint thinner.$13 for 4L

That gives you a run down on the stuff we'll be using. We'll also need other miscellaneous equipment: Plastic spatulas and boards (cardboad is not suitable) for working with bog, plastic buckets (I only have 1 suitable) and clean sponges for cleaning and rust treatment, rags and more rags.

Additionally we'll need the spray equipment. The gun and lead is only $30 or so (different models are available, I'm not sure what's best for our needs yet) but we can not afford the compressor, not even to hire ($80 a day).

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