LADR - Changelog

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v0.6.06 – 2018-09-19

Added file loading support for TOFWORK Tofware v3. Loaded sections are compulsory. Acquisition time in header section is compulsory. Total ion counts in its own section is compulsory.

Added file loading support for Nu Attom data files. Note: for now these files are loaded with sequential readings. This behaviour will be revised in the next release.

Added SRM importers for GeoRem, Iolite, Glitter, LADR Projects, LADR Profiles, and generic CSV and tab-delimited TXT files.

Added auto recovery file to “Analysis Log Review” form. This is a trial of a feature that will be extended to all forms in the next release. Auto recovery is performed when you next open the project file. It is only enabled for projects that have been saved at least once.

Added loading of “total ion count” from TOF data files as ancillary data.

Added ancillary data feature to data plot. The ancillary data can show any data that are related to the LA-ICP-MS data set, either time-resolved such as instrument temperature, chamber vacuum, or intermittent, such as sample exchanges. The ancillary data chart is shown by right clicking on the chart and choosing the option.

Added controls to change the number of significant figures and uncertainty shown on interference corrections in the QS editor.

Added support for multiple overlap corrections. However, we do not support recursive overlaps, e.g. MassA → MassB → MassC.

Added validation support to overlap corrections. Indicators are shown on QS configuration form. This also “bubbles up” to alter QS validity as required.

Added extra information about interference corrections to calculation explorer.

Revised behaviour, data file type and loading options are now read only after first file is loaded.

Revised behaviour, when reviewing a loaded project the data file type and loading options are shown as per the data files in the project.

Revised appearance, program now uses "Reference Material" consistently throughout the interface.

Fixed bug on Analysis Log Review form that affected long projects (>1000 samples) and caused a spontaneous hard crash of the entire program.

Fixed bug where loading data files (> 50) with errors would crash program as pop-up error message was too long to display.

Fixed bug where automatic isobaric interference button would not do anything.

Fixed bug with auto time periods. If the aerosol arrives late (delayed trigger or timing mixup) then the max interval duration is truncated. Previously this check was performed on all samples, now it only occurs on the standards.

Fixed bug where some QSs in Profile would disable UPb option.

Fixed bug where loading a Project could reset options in the Profile.

Fixed bug where the laser params mask checkbox values were not being saved to disk in either Projects or Profiles.