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Make up a project name to readily identify this set of data. Using a name for a project that already exists will append the data file to that project.

Nominate the data source, choosing the correct format, of the data file.

Using this form only one file can be uploaded at a time.

To upload large numbers of files at once, add them to a ZIP archive and select the ZIP file for uploading. Subfolders within the ZIP file are supported. All valid datafiles in the ZIP archive will be added to the named project.


The key to using this website is to name your sample points in a way that allows the automatic population feature to correctly group your results. Population names can be hard to control and can be changed by software, e.g. SAMX software appends underscores and numbers to the end of point names/labels. This site will attempt to automatically remove anything beyond the first underscore. This means that something like "AN1101-CMAS_01" is a good sample name to use, yet "AN1101_CMAS_01" is not. There is a tool for "Mass Manipulation" of populations after the data files have been uploaded.

Contact me for assistance -- Ash

Data File Upload

Project: Click For Help

Enter here a name of your choice. If the project name already exists, then the data files will be added to that project.

Instrument?: Click For Help

Choose the file format of the data files.

Composition Format?: Click For Help

Choose the file format of the data files, either weight percent, or PPM (m/m).

Data File:

The instructions shown to the right outline what files can be uploaded here.

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Project File Upload


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