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ExPet Tools

CALCZAF - To convert SAMx EPMA standard and analysis data files into a format ready for use in CalcZAF.

CHECKER - Simple tool for comparing composition files against accepted standard compositions. A sub-tool of MUNGE.

COMP - For rapidly evaluating the composition of a chemical formula (e.g. SiO2) in weight percent and other units.

METALACT - An online epsilon model for computing activity coefficients of trace elements in liquid iron metal.

MUNGE - Online raw data inspector, tailored for viewing and collating laser ablation and EPMA data sets.

OXY - A calculator for converting O2 sensor voltage to fO2 and CO/CO2 gas mixtures.

PENEPMA - Compiled PENEPMA binaries along with useful scripts for job control, job creation, and collation of results.

PLOTTER - To produce attractive XY and ternary plots with error bars, contours, and a range of other features.

PTAB - A generator for making attractive printable periodic tables in PDF format.

SPECTRO - Convert WD spectrometer positions between instruments.

These tools have been helpful for my projects in the field of Experimental Petrology. It is hoped they will be of some use to others. -- Ash, ashley@norris.org.au